David Bacco Chocolatier is a Southern California-based purveyor of exclusive artisanal and hand-crafted chocolates. Focus on the “Refinement of Taste,” the highest quality ingredients, respect for nature, and excellence in chocolate manufacturing go into to each piece of chocolate they create. As a result of this focus, the company’s clientele base has grown exponentially among the most discriminating chocolate palates.

Freshness you can taste, cocoa aromas you smell, flavors that are subtle yet creatively blended into each chocolate- the love, knowledge, and experience stands out measurably against others. That is the essence of David Bacco Chocolatier.

Over 20 varieties of chocolate selections are available on their unique flavor wheel. These include:

Cioccolato Puro-Pure chocolate ganache in a “bare all” form

Spezia-Spice-scented ganaches

Erbaceo-Fresh herbal-infused chocolates

Noci-Roasted nuts and chocolate

Caramello-Carmel-based chocolates

Frutta-Fresh fruit ganaches

Fiore – Floral ganaches

Barra di Cioccolato-Chocolate bars featuring single origin chocolate that showcases the individual flavor profiles and character

Single Origin Cocoa Beans and “Grand-Cru” (noble grade) Couverture are the foundation for David Bacco Chocolatier. Focusing on the individual flavor “personalities” of the chocolates and combining them with the purest, freshest, all natural ingredients brings out the utmost expression of decadence.

In addition, David Bacco Chocolatier uses organic and local ingredients in their chocolate whenever possible to promote sustainable agriculture both close to home and abroad, and they abide by strict standards of using Non-GMO products.